Author: Lerato Umah-Shaylor

Quinoa Jollof for The Guardian

Nutty & sumptuous, this recipe using wonderful quinoa instead of rice as commonly used in Jollof Rice is a true delight. This is one of my absolute favourites, eaten as a salad with mixed leaves, with a roast or as a vegetable stuffing. A great substitute is couscous or fonio, but couscous is much lighter and absorbs liquids in a different way. Whatever you can do or eat with rice, you certainly can with quinoa. You just might prefer it! See the recipe in my Guardian ng column and do share how you get on. I also shared this recipe with spiced broccoli, cod baked with grains of paradise in an interview with the BBC. Listen here:  

Happy International Women’s Day #BeBoldForChange 2017

I love Women! Incredible women like my mother who nurtures me, still, who teaches me to be wise, delicate yet powerful, empowers me to be ambitious…the wonderful women I meet on my journey, from the mango tree market in Kodo village, in Northern Nigeria, to the Shea butter co-operatives I discover and the hardworking women farming and creating foods that inspire and nourish my body, mind & soul! She’s an icon! The woman selling mangoes by the bushes, pounding away to feed her children, to secure their future.  #BeBoldForChange  # IWD2017  I pray for us all to reach within for the incredible strength we were created with to inspire, to teach, to lead and to nurture. This year the campaign theme for International Women’s Day is #BeBoldForChange Be the change that you want, by being fair, ambitious, supportive and inspiring. Be bold, be brave and be the strong woman you were born to be! 💓Happy International Women’s Day to all women of the world!

Chocolate Cupcakes with Spiced Orange Glaze

Christmas is a time for reflection, peace, joy, family and chocolate. What other time of the year do we have the excuse to celebrate every day?  From advent, up until Christmas, and even after boxing day, there is still the new year to look forward to. This celebration comes with a lot of cooking responsibility for some, but while lots of eating require lots of cooking, this is the perfect opportunity to cook or bake together.  This spiced orange glaze is a lovely addition to a sumptuos chocolate cake. The sweetness of the cake and the citrus flavours are perfectly balanced creating a rich burst of flavours. Although I guaranteed, it will be a crowd pleaser, I cannot guarantee, it will last, so make lots and lots.  What are you eating, now and for the holidays? Preparation time: 5 – 10 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes Makes 20 cupcakes or two 20cm cakes  Ingredients 300g plain flour 200g caster sugar 100g dark brown sugar  100g cocoa powder 2tsp baking powder 3 tbsp. cinnamon 2tsp bicarbonate …