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Celebrating June with sunshine in my heart & on my plate. 

The June baby that I am, I woke up filled with glee, not only because it is the month of my birth, but because the month blesses us with the prospect of summer at its peak with the solstice.  

The days get longer, sunnier and warmer. It doesn’t matter whether I am in England  or in Nigeria in the sweltering heat, with temperatures averaging about 40 degrees centigrade, just the thought of June fills my heart with joy, warmth and wonderful expectation. It is summer in my heart and true to the cook that I am, it will be sunny on my plates. 

I am inspired to eat gorgeous and colourful greens like the seasonal corn also called maize, spinach which is in abundance in Nigeria, avocado with its rich buttery goodness, purple cabbage, oranges, the list goes on. Imagine the joy these humble foods can bring into any dish. A zesty fish poached in the juice of oranges, avocado whipped with green chilli and fresh herbs for a spread like no other, or my current favourite, corn, green bean salad with butter & roasted garlic and lots more greens. 

In pursuit of enrichment and wellness, this month, I look forward to exploring and sharing such colourful recipes with fresh greens, fruits and vegetables – wholesome, healthy and African inspired feasts to warm your hearts and plates for the summer. 


  1. Aww, love this pic of you. You look so happy and content. That’s exactly how I feel when I have food on my plate and in my belly! ❤ ❤


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