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New pop-up launch! ROAST AT TOMATO LAGOS

I’m launching my little baby, TOMATO LAGOS and it is going to be a feast!!! TOMATO LAGOS is paired with TOMATO LONDON for the celebration of food, from Lagos to London and beyond.

ROAST at TOMATO LAGOS on 19th July 2015


TOMATO LAGOS is launching a pop-up dining experience with ROAST; a sunday roast for all food lovers served in Lagos. At ROAST, food lovers will be served a selection of succulent meats, delicately cooked greens and also the most creative and yummy desserts.

I designed the menu and recipes, and I’m curating the experience not just to feed people and myself, but to evoke warmth and nostalgia for those who grew up eating roasts, or those who find pleasure in eating together and to ignite the passion for food and friendship in those who find this a fresh experience.

At ROAST there will be two boards; Meat Roast for meat lovers and Veg Roast for vegans and vegetarians. The bookings are rolling in and friends of Tomato Lagos are especially excited to tuck into the food and to be part of this new experience in Lagos. Vegetarians and vegans have also been buzzing about the menu which was put together as a special request after the event was first announced especially as not many menus cater to the vegetarian and vegan diet.

I will cook all of my (and your!) favourite things, all the yummy foods we love to eat from roast chicken to, vegetables roasted in garlic and herbs, cooked fruits, I will also be cooking up treats with global and African influences like … Well I’ve already said too much, not to give too much away. Get a whiff of this menu! … Just a whiff? I’m such a tease!

Meat Roast Menu

Meat Roast Menu

Veg Roast

I will be personally cooking the roast and eating it too! I will cook as I have always done, like I cook for myself, my friends and family, with a lot of love and attention. I have just received a delivery of fine beef from South Africa and that should be a treat at the table. Although tomatoes are quite expensive at this time, costing over a hundred percent of normal the normal market rate,  we will be treated to the freshest and plumpest produce which I will have especially supplied.

Since running my pizzeria in Abuja, I have always had the zeal to serve people and not just friends and family, but the public. There is a lot of joy in cooking for others, and the challenge is also quite rewarding when people put their trust in you, to feed and satisfy them.

Tomato Lagos is a feast of food for friends and I look forward to ROAST and lots more. See you at the table!

Limited places are available and bookings are required. 

Venue: The Arena – Dream Plaza, 3rd floor, 7 Bishop Aboyade Cole Street, off Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Date & Time; 19th July 2015, 2pm

N10,000 per hungry tummy 
Twitter: @tomatolagos

Click here for event details and bookings ROAST at TOMATO LAGOS  on 19th July 2015


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